Neways Founder, Tom Mower Starts SISEL

Published: 10th November 2006
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"Can he do it again?" is the question on the minds of millions of network marketers, MLMers, industry watchers and critics.

Neways founder and legend in the network marketing industry, Tom Mower, has sold his interest in Neways and is preparing to launch a new company named SISEL (pronounced like "sizzle").

"This will be very interesting to watch," said one person who declined to be named due to connections in the MLM industry. MLM or network marketing is a product distribution method by companies that shun traditional marketing and advertising in favor of helping people build a "downline" of product distributors and representatives. Distributors receive a commission on product sales in and through their downline organization.

Tom and ex-wife Dee issued a statement regarding the sale of Neways to Golden Gate Capital of San Francisco, California: "Selling Neways was one of the hardest decisions of our lives. We believe it is in the best interests of ourselves, employees and distributors to make the change at this time and wish to thank everyone who contributed to the success of Neways."

Although word on the "street" is that Mower was unhappy with the direction and lack of innovation in Neways over the past several years. Mower has not had direct control of Neways for nearly five years and feels that Neways has failed to capitalize on new technology and opportunities in the health and wellness industry.

"We are excited to be bringing in new technology, new ideas and revolutionary innovations to the market," said and unnamed source close to the Mower organization.

SISEL will most likely compete directly with Neways, continuing Mower's commitment to sell only 100% non-harmful and effective health and beauty products. Mower's new manufacturing company, SupraNaturals, is preparing for production runs of products for other MLM companies as well as the new lines of SISEL products.

Comments and concerns from current Neways distributors have also been expressed. "Tom wants to set up a company in opposition to Neways? Where does that leave my (and thousands of others) distributorship?"

The concern may be well merited. Mower has a cult-like following in Neways' biggest markets and several distributors have expressed interested in SISEL simply on the basis of Mower's involvement.

Although SISEL is not yet accepting applications an enterprising group of future distributors have set up a pre-registration website at

Currently this is the only place to indicate interest in joining Mower's new company or as the web site says "reserve your spot".

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(c) - Tom Mower, Neways founder is starting SISEL a new network marketing/MLM company. Get your spot today! Visit to reserve your top position.

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